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Standing Ski & Snowboard Racks

Keep your guests' ski and snowboard equipment safe! Racks are constructed of high grade aluminum with galvinized steel legs. Lightweight, easy to move, with a very long lifecycle. Ski Key Racks are versatile, can be used as lockable and/or lean up racks. Our combination rack is the only "All In One" rack in the industry that locks Adult Skis, Junior Skis, Snowboards, Twin Tips and Powder Fat Skis.

Standing Racks

Standing racks are stable, strong yet easy to move for snow grooming. They come in two configurations to accommodate your needs and percentage of skiers vs. snowboarders.

1) FREESTANDING  COMBO SKI & SNOWBOARD RACK - Locks 12 skis & 6 snowboards + (holds up to 36 skis/sb when used as traditional lean-up rack).

2) FREESTANDING SNOWBOARD RACK - Locks 18 to 36 Snowboards + (holds up to 36 SB when used as a traditional lean-up rack)

Ski Racks Standing 200 Illustration Standing Rack

Wall Mounted Racks (Locks not included)

Wall mounted racks are great for resort condo's, staff rooms, hotels or home use.

Wall Mounted Ski Rack

Locks 5 pairs of Skis (racked either between the bindings,depending on thickness of the binding plates or above the binding toe piece)

Ski Racks Wall 200

Illustration Wall Mounted Ski Rack

Wall Mounted Snowboard- FAT SKI rack

Locks 5 Snowboards (10 when placed bottom to bottom and thickness of board allows) or 5 pair of Fat Skis

Snowboard Rack Wall 200 Illustration Wall Mounted Snowboard Rack

How to Install & Assemble SKI KEY Racks

Icon Video Ski Racks

SKI KEY Racks are available for a variety of applications.

Wall-mounted racks are the perfect solution for condos, hotels, or private residents, ski area patrol or snow school offices. Standing racks are the perfect solution to offer skiers and snowboarders at your ski area.

Show your guests you care about the safety of their ski and snowboard equipment by offering SKI KEY rack systems. Download a profile of ski rack floor plan and cross-section showing details for wall mounted racks.


Standing Rack

Free standing, holds 12 pairs of skis & 6 snowboards

ProductPrice - CADPrice - USDQty
Standing Rack$595.00$610.00

Ski Rack

Wall mounted, holds 5 pairs of skis (LOCKS NOT INCLUDED)

ProductPrice - CADPrice - USDQty
Ski Rack$145.00$155.00

Snowboard Rack

Wall mounted, holds 5 snowboards (LOCKS NOT INCLUDED)

ProductPrice - CADPrice - USDQty
Snowboard Rack$149.00$165.00